Aiming For Excellence


Year 2

Year 2 is a very important year, marking the end of key stage 1. It is the year in which the children take the national SAT's tests, which benchmark the progress children have made throughout foundation stage and key stage 1. 

In year 2 we provide a broad, creative and collaborative curriculum. Everyone is challenged in our nurturing environment whilst striving for excellence.  Year 2 pride themselves on providing a stimulating and inviting learning environment in which the children thrive. The classroom displays reflect the interesting topics which the children study, and are a valuable resource with which the children engage in order to develop their curiosity to learn. 

We provide opportunities for our children to develop their knowledge and extend their learning through exciting, engaging topics and activities. The topics reflect the children's interests and allow them to build upon practical skills and develop an investigative approach to their learning. The 'Low Moor Learning Values' of resilience, curiosity and collaboration, to mention a few, are embedded in all lessons and help prepare the children to be successful and responsible adults. 

One of the highlights of the year includes a visit to Filey, where the children have the opportunity to explore a traditional seaside town and learn how seaside entertainments have changed since the Victorian era.

Mrs Orrell and Mr Bland


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Year 2 Activities

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