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Year 5

Year 5 is the first of two years in Upper Key Stage 2. This means the pupils are now nearly the eldest in school. It is the year where they begin to look forwards towards the future, in particular taking their SAT’s in Year 6 and making their secondary school choice. With this in mind, our aim as Year 5 teachers is to further develop their independence, not only in their routines around school but also in their approach to learning. As older members of the school, they can volunteer to join clubs such as, ‘Reading Leaders’ and ‘Playground Heroes’. Many Year 5 pupils enjoy taking on the extra responsibility and feel as if they’re contributing to the school community by taking on these additional roles outside the classroom.

In Year 5 we aim to promote an exciting, creative and supportive learning environment, which encourages each child to value themselves and maximize their potential. We provide opportunities for our Year 5s to learn about the world around them, by teaching a variety of interesting topics including: Ancient Greece, World War Two and the Saxons. We endeavour to bring these subjects alive by participating in school-based workshops or going out on educational visits.

One of the highlights of being a pupil in Year 5 includes the weekly swimming lesson at Richard Dunn’s. Every lesson is taught by a dedicated team of swimming instructors who ensure that every child has the opportunity to be able to tread water and swim at least 25m by the end of the year.

Mrs Rhodes, Mr Robinson and Miss Bradley


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Year 5 Activities

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