School Council

Our school council is a partnership of pupils and adults, sharing ideas, finding solutions and taking action to make our school excellent.

As part of our British values at Low Moor, we strive to encourage a democratic process through the annual election of our school council. This comprises of pupils from both Key stages, being independently voted for by their peers. This process involves delivering a speech to members of their class highlighting their strengths and the dreams and aspirations they hold for the future of the school. A successful candidate is elected after a closed vote is held within the class.

Councillors rise to the challenges by attending meetings, setting agendas as well as being involved in the more enjoyable roles, for example, judging the ‘Easter Egg Decorating Competition’ and ‘Low Moor’s Got Talent’ have become firm favourites over the years.

For many years, we have collaborated with Hill Top C. of E. Primary School in undertaking a trip to London, visiting the Houses of Parliament where pupils have the opportunity to witness the democratic process in action.