Low Moor C. of E. Primary School



Pastoral Care of Pupils

The general progress and welfare of each pupil is the responsibility of the individual class teacher. Any concerns that cannot be resolved by the class teacher are brought to the attention of a member of the Senior Leadership Team or Headteacher.

If you have any problems or worries concerning your child, please come in and discuss them with us. The teachers are available to speak to parents on most days, before and after school.

Arrangements can be made by telephone to ensure staff are available for consultation .


School Nurse

The school is visited regularly by the school nurse. Healthcare interviews are held during your child’s first year at school. If you have a concern about your child you can contact the school nurse through school or at Holmewood Clinic (01274 221203).

If you have any queries regarding the health of your child that may affect his or her learning please contact Mrs Ryan our S.E.N.D. Liaison Officer.


Family Support Officer

Mrs Crawshaw is our Family Support Officer. Her role is to promote a positive relationship between home and school. 

She provides family support, nurture group work and adult education classes for parents.  She also provides opportunities for parents to support their child and works with community networks to support school.

For more information, please contact Mrs Crawshaw.